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Brazil vs Peru, Copa America 2019

Brazil will face a tough test on Sunday against Peru in the last round of the group stage at the Copa America to determine the top of the group while Venezuela play in the same time against Bolivia to reserve the second qualification for the quarter-finals.

The Samba stars held their last leg in Salvador before returning to Sao Paulo to prepare for the fateful confrontation. The training came after a disappointing draw against Venezuela in the second Group A tour of the Copa America 2019.

Brazil vs Peru, Copa 2019

The team for two groups as usual in the last training session next to explain the game plan.
Brazil are top of the group with Peru, who beat Bolivia 3-1 on 4 points while Venezuela are third with two points, followed by Bolivia on the bottom of the standings.

While Venezuela will play in the same time against Bolivia in search of the three points to reserve the qualification card
Second to the quarterfinals.

Chile, the continent’s champion in the last two editions, took a private jet to move from the city of Sao Paulo to Salvador, northwest of Brazil, which will host the next encounter, after opening the tournament with a 4-0 win over Japan.

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