Copa America 2019

Argentina vs Qatar, Copa America 2019, Match Preview

Argentina face Qatar on Sunday evening in the second round of the Copa America Group Stage on Brazil.

Qatar have one point in third place with a goal difference from Argentina and a point behind second-placed Paraguay, who face top-ranked Colombia. Qatar hopes to complete the first two stages but the task will be very difficult for Messi and his teammates.

The Brazil team offered a great service to the Tango dancers, giving Lionel Messi the chance to qualify directly to the second round, if they win today in Qatar, without waiting for the results of the third set.

Brazil beat Peru 5-0 on Saturday, making the Peruvian side lose their place in the top spot, with the difference between the goals scored and the winner (-3).

Argentina, if they win today with any result on Qatar, will reach the fourth point equally with Peru, but the Tango dancers will outperform the current goal difference (-2).

With regard to Argentina’s second place, this possibility depends on Colombia’s win or draw with Paraguay in the third round.

Argentina have won 14 times in history but have not won a title since 1993 after beating Mexico in the Copa America final.

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