Thebachelorette, Monday’s episode, as Hannah is tasked with selecting that four men

With simply seven men left within the competition, this week’s episode of The Bachelorette can see the 24-year-old beauty queen create some powerful selections regarding who’s right for her — and ET is live blogging on the manner.

The cluster heads to capital of The Netherlands on Monday’s episode, as Hannah is tasked with selecting that four men can earn town dates and acquire the possibility to introduce her to their families. whereas there ar many frontrunners, together with Tyler and Jed (whose off-camera drama is another story), disputable contestant Luke P. remains within the running for a rose.

Fans have nonetheless to examine Hannah’s anticipated confrontation with Luke over sex and faith. Circle back throughout the episode for a play-by-play of what happens.

Luke unveil
6:43 PM: Luke is aware of the day did not go thus well, thus he is attending to redeem himself by gap up to Hannah. He says he “did some stupid things” as a freshman. He says he was “chasing sex” and says he is sheepish of it.
“I get within the shower, and that i keep in mind feeling this significant weight on Maine,” he remembers (we assume this is often him finding God?). “I keep in mind thinking to myself, this is often what i want to appear forward to.”

Luke says he is been doing everything he will to become what he thinks his future spouse is searching for.

“Your past is your past, and if you did not undergo all that, then you do not see the blessings,” Hannah says, revealing her state of affairs is “similar.”

“I like that he’s open regarding his religion and i am connected to him,” she tells the camera.

She and Luke kiss, and he feels higher regarding their relationship — and is “sure” Hannah’s falling taken with with him.

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